Ask the Candidates

Asian recruitment team hiring candidate in job interview

The Iowa Fair Trade Campaign suggests the following three questions:

  1. NAFTA has failed for the US and our trading partners. It has sent family-supporting jobs offshore and fuels environmental damage. NAFTA grants extra rights to foreign investors, bans Buy-America initiatives, and limits our ability to inspect for the safety of children’s toys or the food supply. Will you commit to review and potentially renegotiate NAFTA and to remove these anti-democratic provisions?
  2. Fast Track is the Nixon-era model still used to negotiate failed trade arrangements like NAFTA and the WTO. It concentrates trade-negotiating power in a small agency where corporate lobbyists have set the agenda away from democratic oversight. Since enacted, we have run a steady and growing trade deficit and wages for American workers have been stagnant. Will you commit to a new trade-negotiating model that allows our elected Congress increased negotiating power and authority?
  3. The failing Doha round of talks at the World Trade Organization seeks to expand corporate investor rights and liberalize services — including possible privatization of public goods like education and water utilities. Will your administration walk out of the Doha talks, and instead champion a new round of WTO negotiations that seeks to remove the many unfair and anti-democratic provisions?